Simon's Scienticio Party (2hrs, 65,000yen)

All the Magicio fun with a Science Twist.

Simon's Scienticio party has all the fun of a Magicio party with a science show twist. Balloon Animals; Music with guitar, flash card quiz and freeze dance; mini arm tatoo stencils and a super fun interactive science themed show. The birthday child get to come to the front and be the "Super Helper" in the show, with all their friends clapping and laughing with applause at the show full of gags and amazing tricks.

Simon's Scienticio Party Plan Time Schedule

20 mins Welcome time with balloons for all children with fidget toys play
30 mins Circle time with guitar, flash card quiz and disco dancing time.
20 mins snack and drink free time for children with glitter stencil arm tattoo designs.
30 mins Science themes show.
20 mins Birthday Song for cake with guitar and bye bye time.