Circus Skills Party 85,000yen 2hrs 20 Children

Perfect for kids who love to perform and learn new tricks.

Level up your party with Mr Magicio's Circus Skills party. The kids get to dress up with: Circus Hats, Clown Wigs, Colourful Neck Ties and other fun items from the costume box. The kids then learn real circus tricks, including: Diabolos, Juggling Balls, Spinning Plates, Balancing Clubs and Rubik's Cubes. Of course there are balloons animals and the Mr Magicio Magic show at the end.

Dress up Magic Box

An endless supply of fun dress up from the Costume Box

Clown Wigs, Circus Hats, Funny Ties, Feather Boas, joke noses, magic tricks. A myriad of toys for the children to use there imagination to become party performers and circus magicians.