Mr Magicio The Science Party Plan!

For inquisitive inventors and curious kids, the science show is the best!

The Science Party starts with a Science Toys Playtime where the children can mingle and mix play freely as they get to know Mr Magicio. Each child gets to borrow an official Mr Magicio lab coat for the duration of the party as well as receiving some 3D glasses to take home. The kids try out all the different fun toys, such as spinning plates, Rubic's cubes, fidget spinners, slime, maze balls, mini perplexiuses and Newton balance toys. Then it''s time to move on to the experiments!

SCIENCE PARTY PLAN 3hrs 1-20 Children 100,000yen

Interactive Science Show

Medley of Mad Science Tricks with Little Helpers

The Interactive Science Show includes a flash card quiz and introduction to: Edison and static electricity with mini Vandergaraph stick which makes your hair stand on end!; Newton, his falling apple and gravity, hard hat fun, Ouch! ; Carl Sagen and space, the movement of the planets complete with jumbo balloon and spinning coin trick; Einstein his crazy hair and theory of relativity, and finally continuing states of motion experiment with surprise toilet paper roll and leaf blower fun.

Group Science Experiment

Changing states of matter experiments with bubbling effects

For the group experiment we look at changing states of matter. Solid, liquid and gas. Mr Magicio shows the different states of H2O with ice, water and steam using different colour liquids and beakers to create some fun effect. The main attraction is definitely looking at "sublimation" (where a solid turns directly into a gas), using dry ice. First Mr Magicio shows the different effects up front, with the cool science apparatus of conical flasks, glass funnels and beakers. Then with the help of parent supervision each child is given a cup of their own with warm water and a small piece of dry ice to watch bubble right in front of them. We finish by catching the C02 gas with washing up liquid potion which bubbles everywhere!

Balloon Animals

Balloon animal of the children's choice to take home.

While the children have a snack Mr Magicio makes simple balloons for each child to take home. Pirate swords, princess wands, lazer blasters and poodles are all favourites, but anything is possible!

Magic Show

The classic Mr Magicio Magic Show with all the best bits.

Before the cake we have time for a Magic show with special birthday helpers. All of the best bits of the Magicio show rolled into a show, not to forget, with a science twist. "It's not Science it's Magic!"