Mr Magicio DJ Disco Party

The party starts here!

The Birthday child gets to mix and scratch their favourite songs with a real DJ set-up. Their friends get to take it in turns as MCs on the mic while the crowd goes wild dancing and having fun with light sticks, disco wands and glow bands. The DJ Party Package comes with complete UV light room transformation, balloon creations and the Mr Magicio Magic show included.

Light Wands and Dress UP!

The DJ Disco Party is perfect for daytime or evening parties. Draw the curtains for a night time disco dancing feel, keep it light and sunny for a beach party vibe. The DJ Disco Party includes the classic Magicio flash card quiz, which can be custom tailored to fit your parties' theme.

Real DJ mixing and scratching performed by the birthday child!

Make it the number one party in Tokyo, for an event to remember!

The DJ Disco Party is ideal for children who love music and dancing, and enjoy performing too. Choose your child's favourite songs and let them learn real mixing and scratching on a Numark Party MP3 sound mixer complete with pre-set sound effects, auto sync, and flashing lights.

Let's rock! Let's Dance! With the best children's party in Tokyo!

Amazing UV Light Room set up.

UV Flood lights with enough power to fill the room!

Mr Magicio brings all the set up to transform the room for an amazing Disco Party. Black UV light lamps, tripods, extension cables and extra LEDs needed to fit any space as well ad UV toys and cloth decorate the venue for an unforgettable time.

DJ DISCO PARTY 2hrs 100,000 yen