Nathalie's Facepainting

Facepainting, arm designs, blings and so much more!

Nathalie's facepainting party brings the glamour and fun of a backstage film set to the party at your home or venue. The kids get to choose their facepaint or arm design, bling jewel or monster horn, and a simple balloon sword or princess wand, before they then head off to play with all the imagination that only kids know how to do. Nathalie also finds the time during the party to give the spotlight to the birthday child by gathering the kids for a quick birthday interview and flash card quiz game, which the kids go crazy for!

Nathalie's Face-Painting Plan 1-15kids 2hrs, 60,000 yen

Nathalie's patented number system

KIds get to play happily instead of waiting in line!

Kids simply grab a number token and then play until their number is called. Slinky Springs, Fidget Spinners and Rubik cubes are laid out for the children just in case they need some extra distraction amidst all the fun.