Mr Magicio The Party Plan!

Sample party plan from one of Mr Magicio's super duper b'day parties

Mr Magicio's Magical Welcome

Mr Magico fools around laughing and joking learning the children's names while winning them over with welcome time balloons. Balloon Flowers and Pirate Swords are quick and easy and firm favorites insuring every child get a balloon in time!


Circle Time

At balloon welcome time the children soon get to know and love Eddie and are totally at ease and fully of confidence when it comes to singing songs and dancing around in the Circle and Games time.



Circle and Games time starts with a few classics "Hello how are you" (sung to "skip to my lou")  "Whats the weather", "Mr Sun" "Days of the Week" "Old McDonald" and "The Abc Song" to mention a few! Each group of children are different so "Freestyle" is a word Mr Magicio likes to use often as he can adapt to any situation depending on the mood. Mr Magicio Circle Times are always "rocking!" sometimes with the children insistent on teaching him their new favorite song in loud unison! "Head shoulders knees and toes" gets the children jumping about and "The Hoki Koki" get them dancing around. After the children are tired out its time for a flash card quiz. Mr Magico gets the children's favourite characters (Super Heroes or Princess are usually preferred) and quizzes them on their knowledge with crazy sound effects. There are no losers only winners and the game finishes with all the children singing hello to all the favorite characters as they hold them high!

Party Games

Games Time has the classic "Duck duck goose" game Which is so cute to see as some of the younger ones have not quite got the game yet but are none the less thrilled to be running round and round the circle one too many times; and "Pass the hot potato"  where the children have to work as a team to get the juggling ball round the circle with out dropping it. For the older children Eddie adds more juggling balls and changes the direction to see how fast they can go.


Billy Goats Gruff

Circle Time is finished with a puppet show of "The three billy goats gruff" with the brave three billy goats and the not so scary troll! All done with classic voices in English and Japanese.

Free Play

After the circle time the children have a snack and drink enjoying some free play time, while Eddie make some more intricate balloon designs for them. When all the children have refreshed them selves and they seem ready for round two it is time for the headlining act the Magic and Juggling show.


The Grand Finale

The Magic and Juggling show present Mr Magicio at his best, with all the best tricks and gags. Slapstick comedy Magic and Juggling prowess are all mixed into a show that in involves the whole audience and has a special helper role for the birthday girl or boy. The Magic show is adapted for all ages and sees children as young as two joining in a laughing at the fun! The circus skills in the show have Diabolos, Develsticks, Spininng-Plates, Juggling Balls/Clubs/Rings but No Unicycle of of yet! Some of the Magic is advanced stuff but most is just silly and fun stuff that anyone can enjoy.



The party finishes with a birthday cake finale with Happy Birthday with guitar accompaniment and Eddie's making the birthday boy or girl whatever they desire.

  • party_plan_balloon_time
    Balloon Bonanzaa!

    Nothing gets a party started quite like a balloon bonanza.

  • party_plan_puppet_show
    Puppet Pranks

    Its puppet show time.

  • party_plan_music_time
    Music Time!

    Mr Magico gets the kids singing along to their favorite tunes, with a "happy birthday" grand finale

  • party_plan_magic_show
    The Magic Show!

    Mr Magico wows the kids with his mysterious magical powers and teaches his special assistant a few tricks of their own.

  • party_plan_balloon_time
    Bye Bye Ballonigans

    Nothing gets a party started quite like a balloon bonanza.

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